Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

Our overall vision for the future is a country of Myanmar, and also bordering areas of China, where God is worshipped and Christ is followed by a growing number of Christians; and churches are increasing in number and maturity.

Our Founding MACM Vision & Attainment

From its founding, MACM had set goals, and with God’s leading and the help of MACM supporters, achieved them. Our goals set in the past years were:

  1. Establishment of a Christian graduate school in Myanmar and training educated Christian leaders. That goal was achieved as Yangon Christian College and Seminary was established in 2003 and 201 students graduated from our seminary in the past ten years.
  2. The second goal was training Christian leaders for the churches in China. In order to reach the goal, we established the China border training center (CBTC) in June, 2003 and 196 Christian leaders have been trained at the training center in the past eleven years.
  3. The third goal was to plant over 20 churches within ten years. This goal was also achieved since 33 churches were planted and 523 souls were won to Christ and baptized in His name.

Our Vision for the Future

To accomplish our vision for the future, we have set the following strategic goals and objectives for the next 10 years:

  1. Training another 200 leaders from YCCS;
  2. Training 200 Christian leaders from the China Border Training Center (CBTC).
  3. Training all full-time teachers of YCCS at Lincoln Christian University. All full-time teachers of YCCS must be graduates from USA.
  4. The four Fish children, Sarah, Paul, Rachel and Elizabeth to be trained in USA as they will be the future leaders of MACM.
  5. Planting 30 churches and helping lead 400 souls to Christ.
  6. Planning a permanent YCCS campus building(s).
  7. Producing and distributing about 80 gospel music albums.
  8. Conducting 20 open-air preaching and gospel music program.

We pray that supporters of MACM will continue their prayers and financial support, and new supporters will also join us so that this vision will be accomplished as God leads and directs.

MACM Purpose

Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission by communicating the Gospel to the lost people of Myanmar and bordering areas of China, baptizing believers into Christ, teaching believers the Word of God, equipping teachers and church leaders with non-degree level and degree-level Christian education, and, planting churches for the maturing of believers in Christ.

To accomplish this purpose, Myanmar Agape Christian Mission (MACM) was established in January, 2003 with a great anticipation and desire to educate and train Christian leaders, such as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, youth ministers, and music ministers who are capable of reaching the people both in urban and rural areas. But MACM is not just an academic endeavor, MACM also puts its Christian education and training into practice through its evangelism and church-planting ministries in Myanmar for soul-winning to Christ and expansion of His Kingdom in Myanmar and China.

YCCS Purpose

As the principal ministry of MACM, the purpose of Yangon Christian College and Seminary (YCCS) is to equip committed Christians for leadership in ministries of pastorate, missions, education, counseling and community life. This preparation includes the spiritual formation of students together with the academic specialization and practical training necessary for serving God in a pluralistic world. In order to accomplish this, the college and seminary will bring together a faculty with shared commitment to biblical, evangelical conviction; the pursuit of excellence in teaching and a personal desire for continuing education and research. They will attempt to create a community of fellowship as well as a climate for learning and academic curiosity.

YCCS seeks to serve men and women who are preparing to minister in a variety of cultural contexts. Students are welcomed from different denominations and ethnicities to provide a cross-cultural perspective. Students are affirmed in their own denominational allegiance and are encouraged to deepen their relationship in Christ.

YCCS intends its graduates to be servant-leaders in the ministries to which they are called in the church and in the world. The years of study at YCCS will seek to stimulate a life-long pursuit of competence in the capacity to care for people through ministry and evangelism; administration and church growth; hermeneutics, theology, biblical studies, homiletics and worship; education and counseling. The YCCS seeks to foster a dependence on God through Jesus Christ and an approach to ministry that incorporates the best of biblical conviction.

The curriculum will stress knowledge of the Bible gained through a direct study of the Biblical text, with every degree carrying a major in Bible. Strong emphasis has been placed on apologetics (knowing why we believe in God, Christ and the Bible).

YCCS is designed to train men and women for Christian service by helping each student achieve the following objectives:

  1. Academically, intellectually, and spiritually competent in the ministry.
  2. Capability of rightly interpreting the Word of God in order to understand the author’s intended meaning.
  3. A knowledge of sound doctrine taught from the Word of God;
  4. An acquaintance with historical evidence and an understanding of the basis of faith in Christ and the Bible.
  5. An intellectual development that will enable the students to be good learners, clear thinkers and competent the Word of God to accomplish God’s will.
  6. Ability to present the gospel to the people in culturally relevant in order to make the message meaningful to the people and accomplish God’s will.