Our History

A Short History of MACM

In 1994, Lazarus Fish came to Lincoln Christian University (LCU) and his family members, his wife Acha, Sarah and Paul arrived in USA in 1995. Lazarus Fish studied and was graduated from LCU in 1998 with the Master of Divinity degree. He and his family moved to Wilmore, Kentucky in June, 1998, and studied at Asbury Theological Seminary. Lazarus was graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2002 with a Doctor of Missiology degree. Lazarus and Acha Fish established Myanmar Agape Christian Mission (MACM) in January 2002 with a great desire to educate and train Christian leaders, missionaries and evangelists for winning souls to Christ and planting churches.

As of 2014, it has been twelve years since MACM was established in January 2002. Today, Lazarus, the founder of MACM, serves as the Executive Director of MACM as well as the President of Yangon Christian College and Seminary. His wife, Acha Fish serves as Executive Assistant and bookkeeper of MACM.

A Short History of Lazarus Fish

Lazarus belongs to the Lisu tribe and lived in Kachin state in the northern part of Myanmar. His father was one of the first converts among the Lisu people in Myanmar. J. Russell Morse converted Lazarus’ father and he later became a pastor. J. Russell gave him the name, Levi and after that he was known as Pastor Levi among the Lisu people. J. Russell Morse and his family is the pioneer missionary who planted the first Christian Church in northern Myanmar.

However, Lazarus’ father prematurely passed away when Lazarus was six years old after serving God for ten years along with the Morse family. During one of the nights, the dying father of Lazarus whispered to his wife, Lazarus’ mother to get closer to him. And then he asked her to promise him that she would raise Lazarus to be missionary when he grew up. She gave that promise to him. She often reminded Lazarus of the promise she made to his father. However, Lazarus preferred to become a school teacher instead of a missionary. He taught at the public school for nine years.

But then in 1986, he resigned from his teaching career and entered a Bible college, known as “Myanmar Institute of Theology” in Yangon so that his father’s wishes of him might be fulfilled. He graduated from the College in 1991 with the Bachelor of Theology. After the graduation, he preached at Tar Mwe Christian Church in Yangon.

In 1994, he was privileged to come to the USA and studied at Lincoln Christian Seminary from 1994-1998. He graduated from the Seminary in 1998 with the Master of Theology degree. He also was graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2002 with the Doctor of Missiology degree. Now he serves as the Executive Director and President of Yangon Christian College in Myanmar.