Our Ministries

Leadership Training

Yangon Christian College and Seminary (YCCS)

Yangon Christian College and Seminary, a college-level degree program, was established in January 2003. It is located in Yangon, the former capital city of Myanmar. The seminary confers both Bachelor degrees (Bachelor of Theology, B.Th) and Master degrees (Master of Divinity, M.Div). The faculty consists of an academic dean and seven part-time instructors. Present enrollment is 50 students. During the past ten years, 201 students have been graduated from YCCS.

According to the official records of YCCS, 52 graduates are engaged in cross-cultural ministry among the Buddhists in the urban areas of Yangon, Mandalay, Taungy and Myitkyina. Two graduates teach at the Lisu Bible School, two in Children ministry in Thailand and six in Malaysia. Two graduates are in the USA ministering to the Lisu refugees who came from Myanmar. The remaining 122 graduates have returned to their respective places in Myanmar and are serving the Lord as Bible school teachers, pastors, youth ministers, missionaries, evangelists and music ministers.

A new YCCS campus has been under construction for the past year and is approximately 80% complete. Here is what has been completed as of mid-2014:

  1. men’s dorm which includes the school chapel and class rooms;
  2. library;
  3. media center which includes sound-proof rooms for recording and other media ministries;
  4. cafeteria; and
  5. two women’s rest rooms.

The final facility to be constructed is the women’s dorm. The completed campus will allow up to 60 students. Due to high demand, we are planning to choose students by an entrance exam that measures English proficiency, biblical knowledge and character formation.

China Border Training Center

The China Border Training School, a non-degreed program, was established in June, 2003 with the great anticipation of training Christian leaders for the churches in China and Myanmar. It is located in the Kachin State approximately 25 miles northwest of Pangwa which is on the border of Myanmar and China. During the past nine years, 196 students have been graduated from the CBTC. They have been serving the Lord, especially in China, as pastors, youth ministers, evangelists, missionaries, music ministers, church elders, etc. Regular enrollment remains around 100 students per year. Due to fighting between the government and the Kachin rebels, we were unable to operate the training program in Myanmar from June, 2012, to mid-2014. In spite of this, we were able to continue the training program in China.

We are glad to report that CBTC program resumed operations on July 1, 2014, with 67 students, and, 75% of the 229 families in the nine villages in the border area have returned home, having been recipients of over 800 bags of rice and building material in September, 2013, with the help of the International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) of Kempton, Indiana.

Some parts of the CBTC campus facilities were destroyed during the fighting and are in need of extensive repairs. We pray that God may bless this ministry with the necessary funds for the repairs and for the chapel hall which remains unconstructed.

Evangelism and Church Planting

Danai Ministry

MACM’s mission work in Danai, Kachin state includes relocation of gold mining workers into formal settlement, i.e., establishment of villages and churches. The work also includes wild land reclaiming project for rice plantations. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people work for the gold mining companies in Danai area. Our plan is to relocate as many people as possible into villages and teach them how to plant rice and grow other cash crops such as oranges and grapefruit.

As of mid-2014, 353 families have been relocated into 20 villages in Danai. These 20 villages are also called “churches’ because the majority of the villagers are Christians and each village has a preacher. As of mid-2014, 458 acres of wild land for 133 families have been reclaimed for rice plantation with the tractor MACM supporters helped purchase in 2006. We have started a new Bible training program in Danai. Currently, 48 students are enrolled. The 20 churches support the training school with the resources they have, such as rice, vegetable and firewood. The training school has been temporarily opened at Lamu Christian Church building. Steve Michey, our mission director, represents MACM in Danai and works with the Tania Regional Evangelistic Committee which we had formed in 2005 for taking care of the church affairs and evangelism in the region together with MACM.

Our goal in Danai is to establish at least 40 villages/churches and reclaiming up to 1,000 acres for rice plantation by cooperation with the Danai Evangelistic Committee.

Northeastern Shan State Ministry

The northeastern Shan state is part of the “golden triangle” area that used to be known as a black land where drug traffickers were in control for many years. In 1996, the drug lords made cease-fire with the Myanmar government and as a result, the whole region was opened to the outsiders. Titus Bee and his family went to the region since 1996 and lived among the tribal people such as Lisu, Lahu and Ah Kha, bringing them to Christ. To date, nine churches have been planted among the Lisu people. We are planning to reach the Lahu and Ah Kha tribes in the near future.

Music Ministry

The MACM music ministry includes:

  • Open-air preaching and music ministry with the Net Music band. The Net Music Band of MACM traveled to Putao in December, upon a special invitation form the church leaders in the north, to participate in a big celebration of the Christmas convention. Over 65 local churches in the north had participated. This kind of big celebration happens in every eight or ten years. MACM provided sound system and music programs. Over 40,000 Christians participated in the convention. 20 persons which included YCCS students and the musicians participated with the financial help of MACM supporters.
  • Gospel recording service established for production and distribution of gospel music albums such as CD, VCD and DVD music albums.   Over the past ten years, 78 gospel albums in Burmese, Lisu, Rawang, Lahu, Chin, Kachin and Shan languages have been produced at the MACM recording studio. The albums have been distributed among the Christians in Myanmar, China, India and Thailand. Also in the past nine years, 31 open-air preaching and gospel music programs were conducted with the Net Music Band.
  • Training of Christian musicians and mobilize more gospel music bands in new places. In the past ten years, MACM has trained 12 musicians. Consequently, three more gospel music bands have been established based on the 12 musicians: one in China, the other in Tanai and the last in Pagwa. The 12 MACM-trained musicians in turn have been training more musicians in China and Myanmar over the past eight years. As a result, two more gospel music bands have been established, one in Lu Ko district in the Salween River in China and the other in Wei Shin district in the Makaung River in China.